Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monster, Dragon, Giraffe?

Some of my favorite books are children's books. I love ones that have stuffed toys of the characters. I got these books and accompanying stuffed toys through Scholastic Book Clubs.

I read this last week. Of course the Helper got to hold the monster. She wasn't even scared.


Little monster is afraid there are humans under his bed.

His mother tells him that humans aren't real.

He decides he'd better sleep under the bed just to be on the safe side.

Dennis, a little boy who got lost in the woods, finds his way into the monster's home. He lays down on the monster's bed.

What do you suppose will happen? 

I told my students that we humans are only in stories. They spent quite a bit of time trying to convince me that we really are real, but now I know the truth.

I read this book while the Helper held onto the little green dragon so he wouldn't run around the class putting things in his sock.


Anna read her favorite book before bed.

Little green dragon steps out while she is asleep.

He has fun playing with her things. Quite the fashion plate, isn't he?

What adventures does he have during the night? Will he make it back home?

Giraffe #42 thinks he's a scary monster, too. I agree. That's why I always keep my hand inside, where it's safe.

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