Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunnies and Chicks

But not a chocolate one in the bunch.  These bunnies were created by a former student for an egg art project. I was so pleased when she gave it to me.

Window decorations. Wait, maybe there is a chocolate bunny after all.

This rabbit egg was filled with candy. But not for long.

Rabbit candy dish that belonged to my mother.

Rabbit decoration, also my mother's.

Rabbit mug.

Plastic rabbit Easter basket.

Rabbit decoration. It's soft and fuzzy.

Easter snow globe. I love snow globes. I'll be putting up others that I have in later posts. This one lost a bit of water somehow.

Chick stickers and napkins.

Miniature bunnies, watched over by purple and pink plush bunny.

Fluffy chick cheeps when you press his tummy, small fluffy chicks in plastic duck (Duck? How'd he get in there?), and another snow globe chick in a basket.

Giraffe #35 thinks he's a chick. Notice the lovely yellow feathers?

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