Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Cover Art

I love art. I love books. How wonderful when I can love the art on the books I love.

Georgette Heyer is my favorite Regency romance writer. Sourcebooks has reissued many of Heyer's books with beautiful, new covers. Cotillion is my favorite new cover as well as being one of my favorite Heyer books.

I love fans and these covers delight me. Madeline Hunter is in the top ten of my favorite romance writers ever.

Fallen is the first book in a series about a fallen angel. So far it's the only one I've read.

Dangerous in Diamonds was the final book in the Rarest Blooms series. It completed the series perfectly for me. I plan to read Cloaked in Red, not sure about The Traitor's Wife. But I do love looking at the covers.

Giraffes #33 and 34 love books, too. 

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