Sunday, March 11, 2012

These Funny Things Remind Me of You

The funniest things are some of my most precious possessions. Like this small, green plastic cup. Worth pennies when new and probably not even worth pennies now. 

But to me it's priceless, because this is the cup my mother used to drink water from. It was always on the dish drainer and periodically during the day she'd go into the kitchen and drink two glasses of water from it. I still keep it on the dish drainer, though my mother died in 2004. It's a small, worthless glass . . . except to me.

This looks like a photo I should have discarded. I took it a couple of days ago and when I looked at it again it took me a minute to figure out what it was. It's eyebrow powder. I haven't opened it in quite awhile, which is why it's all broken up. But my aunt used this brand so I keep it because whenever I see it, I remember her. 

I love giraffes, obviously. And when my brother and nephew sent me this cartoon in a frame it really touched me. So I keep Giraffe #19 where I can look at it and think of them.

When we were kids my mom got my sister and me a penguin with hand lotion inside for Christmas. Somewhere along the way my father got rid of a lot of our childhood toys, books and mementos. This was one of the items that was lost. 

My sister and I talked frequently about "The Penguin" and one day she found one on eBay and got it. Then she found another one and sent it to me. It's a treasured possession because it reminds me of my mother's and my sister's love. I am so fortunate.

My sister found this hand lotion container, too. Isn't it sweet? I'm only borrowing it. Someday my sister will expect it back. I wonder?

My mother got this for me. She always found the best presents (and my sister takes after her!) I have the most fun with little guy.

Giraffe #20 is not really a giraffe. He just wants to be one. Wouldn't you?

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