Thursday, March 22, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

D is for Depression Glass. This is my favorite glassware. I find it so interesting that it used to be given away at movie theaters and today it is a collector's item. It is becoming scare and expensive due to its popularity.

My favorite colors of depression glass are pink and green.



D is for Dragonfly. This is an amazing tattoo, isn't it? It's so simple, yet so effective.


My sister loves dragonflies. I was so excited when I found this pillbox because I was able to get one in purple for her and this one for me.

D is for Daffodils. These were created by my students. The extras, beyond the basic flower, are their own creativity.

I don't know if Giraffe #27 dates back to the Depression, but he sure makes a cute perfume bottle.

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