Thursday, March 15, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Peacock. The feathers are hard to beat for natural artistic beauty. This feather is one of several a coworker gave me. I had never really looked closely at it until I took pictures for this post. Each strand is flocked a coppery color, except for the eye.

From the top of your head~

Down to your toes~


You can be a peacock. I wonder how this would look on flip flops?

P is for Purple. It was really a purple day in class. 



Tissue box~

Backpack attachments~

And when I came home I found a watercolor I had done to end my purple day.

P is for Pandas. Have you ever seen a baby panda? If not, you might be surprised. I was.


So cute, but no black or white in sight. Now here's a baby panda that looks like one. Watch what happens when he sneezes.


This panda was my mother's. Along with Giraffe #22 they were her favorite stuffed animals when she was in a nursing home at the end of her life.

And very good friends they were to my mom.