Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Doughnuts, Batman!

I like doughnuts, but I've never made them myself because frying things in oil scares me. So when I discovered a way to bake doughnut holes, I decided to give it a try.


It has a non stick surface, always a plus with me.

It comes with sticks for making cake pops and an injector for making filled doughnuts.

I made a basic doughnut recipe for my first attempt. I heated the unit and then filled the holes with the batter.

The directions said to bake 5-7 minutes. I checked after 5 minutes and found they were done. Perfect, round doughnut holes!

They were very slightly underdone on the top, so next time I might try turning them after about 4 minutes.

A simple powdered sugar glaze, chocolate or vanilla, and they were done.

No only are they delicious, but there was virtually no clean up. It looks almost the same after I baked the doughnuts as it did before I filled it.

I think Giraffe #26 is looking for his bite-sized treat.

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