Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Giraffe Heaven

My coworker, Karen, told me about a website she stumbled upon which had to do with giraffes. Specifically a Norwegian man bet his friend, Jørgen, that he could collect one million giraffes from people on the internet. Read about the bet and see over one million hand-created giraffes from all over the world.

Just to pique your interest, here are some of my favorites. Aren't these two giraffes, made from the word, wonderful?

How about giraffes made from food? The only problem is, I couldn't bear to eat them!

This giraffe, created from various-sized rectangles, is so artistic.

How can you not smile when looking at this guy?

Some of my favorite giraffes, though, will always be ones created by my students. This is #21. Isn't he adorable?

Now back to those million giraffes. How long do you suppose it will take to look at them all?


  1. Sorry for bringing this up here, but not sure where else to ask: Is there anything you can suggest if Amazon suddenly won't let me post at Kindle Forum? Once I type out the Captcha letters, I see a blank comment box. Tried nine or ten times just now to post this on the 25-words-about-green thread:

    "What's in the package?"
    "Something to wear at the wedding, to honor my Scottish heritage."
    "What, not a kilt!?"
    "Certainly not. A green dinner jacket."

    1. I'm not sure what the problem is. Are you sure you're signed in?

      I would suggest getting in touch with Kindle CS. A few months ago poster had all her posts deleted by Amazon. It turned out to be some sort of problem and everything was reinstated.

      I hope you can get it worked out. I'll look for your story. :)