Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Foot? Feet? Feets?

I must have feet on the brain. Last Friday was Dr. Seuss' birthday. I read one of his books to my students.


It's a cute book, though I must say I think my feet are slightly more attractive.

Not exactly model feet, but they get me where I'm going. A few years ago I was sitting with my bare feet up on the coffee table and I suddenly looked at them. I mean, really looked at them and I started thinking how awesome feet really are. They're so small in comparison to the rest of our bodies and yet they carry the weight of us. Remarkable.

Socks, on the other foot, well let's just say they can let us down occasionally.

For some reason, seeing my toe peeking out of my sock reminded me of the time I was so infatuated with my foot. I do love me some giraffe socks.

Speaking of socks, one of my students came to school with two different socks the other day. Since then I've been taking pictures of my students' funny socks. They love it. (So do I!)

This is the student who started things off. They may be different socks, but they are coordinated.

A few others from the "Sock Gallery."

And finally, another from the "Different is more fun" school of socks.

So is it any surprise that we get our book order today and one of my free books picks is right on top? Coincidence? You be the judge.

Now what is it about Giraffe #16 (a lovely blanket that my mother made) that doesn't quite fit with today's theme?

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