Thursday, February 23, 2012

Theme-It Thursday

Jessica Hische
is for Katie, my best friend since I was a child. She was there for me when I was happy. She was there for me when I was feeling bluish/purple. She doesn't look a day older than she did when we were kids, though she has had a hair transplant. In spite of some rough times, she looks as youthful as the day I got her.

Katie is a Saucy Walker doll. Until I started planning this blog I didn't know that she had Saran hair. It says you can shampoo and comb it. I must have done more than my share of that because after a few years Katie had to go to the doll hospital to have a new head of hair put on. It's definitely not Saran. I've never tried to shampoo it and it doesn't comb all that well. Good thing I don't play with dolls anymore. Much.

We really did sing this song for Katie in my
family. I was fortunate to have such a good
friend in my Katie. 

K-K-K Katy

K is for Keys. I don't know why, but I really love keys. Odd shaped keys. Interesting keys. Keys for places that I can only imagine.

I wonder what this key is opening? Don't you love that doorknob?

These keys look very old and well used. Do they open a door? Are they for machinery? Maybe a trunk containing Spanish doubloons.

I really want to know what happened behind the door this key opened. Perhaps it was a honeymoon. Or a couple sneaking away for an illicit tryst. Or maybe a traveling salesman, weary after a hard day of trying to make sales. If keys could only talk.

K is for Kangaroo. Have you ever wondered what a Joey (baby kangaroo) looks like when it's first born? Or how it grows? Watch the 21 parts of this amazing series on YouTube. (Caution: There are some parts that, true to nature, are sad and may be upsetting to children. And adults.)


What a sweet picture to end the blog. Moms always seem to be watching out for their babies.

At least in a perfect world they would be.

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