Monday, February 27, 2012

Pass the Salt, Please.

My mother had a collection of salt and pepper shakers. My sister and I loved looking at the different sets, so I decided to collect them, too. I haven't gotten very far, which is probably a good thing since I don't have a lot of room to display or store them. But I do have a few that I love.

Giraffes #8 and #9, courtesy of my intrepid eBay-scouting sister. She can find anything, even cute giraffes salt and pepper shakers, which her son didn't think was possible. I laugh every time I look at this pair.

And how beautiful are these?

These were the first ones my sister sent me when she found out I love Scottie dogs. The way the one on the left is looking at his pal is just so funny.

Turkeys? Yep, collect them, too. Is there anything I don't collect? No wonder I have so little room. Guess who gave me these?

If I had the room, I'd enlarge my collection. So while I wait for that unlikely event to occur I'll just have to find ones for my wish list. Like this set, although I might be a bit afraid someone would try to eat it.


And after my post about kangaroos last Thursday, how could I not want this momma and her joeys? 


So many salt and pepper shakers, so little room. Le Sigh.

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