Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My ♥ Sings

I was looking at some February activities for teachers to do with their students and came across this idea:

Make a list of all the songs you can think of with the word "Heart" in them. So I start thinking. And thinking. And thinking. And I can't come up with a single one.

Finally I remembered a song I'd heard on the TV series "The Facts of Life." It's a cute song, Two of Hearts, sung by Stacey Q.

I must have left my brain in San Francisco because it took me quite awhile to remember what is probably the most famous heart song, sung by Tony Bennett. Yes, that's the Golden Gate Bridge. Not very golden, is it?

flickr.com Galileo55
Last night I dreamed I worked in San Francisco and was driving around and around trying to find a parking place. Of course it was no San Francisco anyone would ever recognize, but that's the fun of dreams. Isn't this a beautiful photo of the bridge at night?

I thought of another heart song this morning, but neglected to write down the name so it's gone. But in trying to remember that song another one came to me, one of my very favorites. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Not only is it a fantastic song with Tom Petty and the wonderful Stevie Nicks, but those hair ornaments, that dress.

See how many songs you can come up with all by yourself. I didn't cheat, which is why I could only think of three songs.

Now I'm off to google and see how many I missed.

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