Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Love ♥'s

I love my own heart, of course. And the hearts of people that are dear to me. They are what keep us going, after all. But be honest. They aren't much to look at.

I'm very glad I have one, but I'm also very glad hearts are inside our bodies where we don't have to look at them. (I used a diagram because a real heart is just too much to look at!) Still, good job, heart. You rock!

For looking at nothing beats the old, reliable heart shape. Now isn't that better? So cute and practical. I can look at cute hearts and drink something almost simultaneously. And what I like about this particular heart mug is that one of my students gave it to me. I always love reminders of the kindness of others.

And talk about fun. What's more fun that patterned socks? I wear pants to work so whenever I wear socks like these I have to pull my pants up to show my students. No sense keeping these to myself.

I love, love, love this heart clock. I don't know if it's real or just a picture by digitalart, but I want one!

And how about this fun little butter knife? Fifty cents at the thrift store. These are the things that make life enjoyable. Simple, inexpensive but priceless in how they bring a smile to my heart. And what better way to keep one's heart beating cheerfully?


  1. Everything is SO PINK HERE! I'm glad I visited, though. I honestly forgot that valentine's day was approaching. :)

    1. Just wait until March. Guess what color you'll see then? :)