Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Giraffe a Day

I know I have lots of giraffes, I just don't know how many. So I am going to post one picture each day from my giraffe collection. I'll number them so that someday I may actually know how many I have. Today I'll start off with several.

By collection I don't just mean stuffed ones like this little guy.

He lives in this little purse that he came in. One of my students gave him to me. Isn't he too adorable?

So this one is #3. Numbers 1 and 2 were here.

#4 isn't stuffed, but he does have some wild hair. And a little brother. Big brother is supposed to have a picture in his plastic case. Maybe a picture of a giraffe?

#5 This giftie from my sister is what I wear when I have yard duty. It keeps my head warm and my students laughing. What could be better?

Finally #6. Another gift, this one from a teacher buddy. She always thinks of me when she sees giraffes and very generously shares. Thanks, Lori!

So sweet. The friend, and the bag.

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