Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love Those Regencies

I love reading. I think I've read something in just about every genre, but my favorite of all is Regency Romance.

Specifically I love the old Signet and Zebra lines. Since they have been discontinued I scour used book stores for my fix. I have two shopping bags full of my treasures and I savor each one.

Yesterday I finished Second Chances by Andrea Pickens. It was a sweet story of a somewhat reclusive and baffled father, a bookish son breaking into adulthood and a vicar's daughter who is hired to tutor the son.

Each of these main characters has to undergo changes in order to get to their HEA. The Hero and Heroine spar throughout the book, while the son grows to maturity. Into this mix is thrown a father/son thievery plot. I enjoyed this book quite a lot and am happy I have another by this author to look forward to.

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