Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Within

Did you ever want to live inside a book? Well, not inside a real book. You'd have to be pretty thin to do that. And flat. Like Flat Stanley. Though he didn't actually live in a book, he did travel in an envelope. I wonder what that would be like?

What I really meant was have you ever wanted to live in a story? When I was young I read Little Women and though I loved the book (except for the one Tragic Incident) that wasn't the story I wanted to lived in. 

The book I wanted to live in was Eight Cousins. Oh, to be Rose and have eight boy cousins and an uncle, who was just about the coolest man around, to spoil me and give me all the attention I could ever want.

This is the book that I read as a child. See how happy Rose is in the middle of her cousins? They had so much fun together, and even though I wasn't a real part of their family I got to be for awhile as I read. 

That's always the most exciting thing about reading: I can be whoever and whatever I read without leaving the comfort of my home.

I wonder what other book it might be fun to be in?

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  1. There is something rather magical about entering into a story and living in it for a while, going places and doing things you would never be able to otherwise. And how wonderful to see the world through the eyes of another!

    And yes, little Rose looks happy indeed!