Friday, January 27, 2012

Beauty or the Beast?

Beauty and the Beast. Le Sigh. Poor beast. Lonely, friendless, nearly hopeless. Then one day . . .

Ever since I was a child I have loved the Beast. I wanted to pet him and tell him it was all going to work out. He was in a fairytale so everything was going to be just fine.

There are many versions of this classic story. I am partial to ones with beautiful illustrations, like Jan Brett's lovely book. Or this one by Max Eilenberg.

There are many adult books that take the basic story and retell it in a different way. Recently I read "When Beauty Tamed the Beast" by Eloisa James.

In this retelling the traditional ending is turned on its head and I loved it. I cried, in a good way! It was witty, smart and so romantic.

And for the movie version? Sorry, Disney. Great for the kids but I need something darkly beautiful like Jean Cocteau's magical 1947 film. Lyrical, poignant and brilliant.

Oh, those boots! Maybe it's time to reread Puss in Boots.

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  1. I saw the 1947 French version as well. It was a great movie...very atmospheric! I love when she's walking through the castle...all the candles in the hallway were being held by hands that came out of the wall!

    Great movie!