Monday, January 23, 2012

Batty for Bats

I never really thought much about bats until I started teaching my first graders about them. Yes, I am a teacher. And you know what they say about teachers. We are HOT!*

Of course we all know vampires don't really turn into bats and they certainly don't bite humans. They just live among us like ordinary people, right?

But my students really want to know about vampire bats. And what I have learned is quite interesting. Vampire bats actually just puncture the skin of an animal, usually while they are sleeping, and lick the blood. Often the animal doesn't even notice this and there is no loss of life nor limb.

Bats also do a lot of good for humans. They eat insects and many farmers use them to keep pests away from their crops.

Stellaluna is an adorable story about a fruit bat that gets separated from her mother and lives with a family of bird. My students and I love Stellaluna and love bats. I hope more people will learn to love and appreciate bats, too. 

*Wouldn't you be if you had to run herd on a classroom full of six and seven year olds? Hot and exhausted!


  1. Thanks for the bat info. I read it with my kids, and they loved it. And, darn you, I am on my way to buy Stellaluna ;).

    Great job on your new blog Anna!

  2. Thank you, G! I hope you and your kids like Stellaluna. :)

  3. I love bats! I know a lot of people are scared of them for no reason besides they have been judged as "evil" but they are really cute! Maybe that is just my vampire side talking? Oh no i have said too much...I must go now...hugs!

  4. Years ago, I read an article about how the vampire legend may have started.

    The explanation went as so. When people were infected with rabies, they would become sensitive to sunlight. Many of them would hide out in dark places such as caves. Since the bats were in caves as well, some people thought the rabid person had changed into a bat!

    Also rabies caused the persons gums to shrink back after a while, giving the illusion of longer fangs!

    And finally, people with rabies had a tendancy to bite other people and thus infect them with rabies!

    It was a great article and explains alot about how the vampire myth may have started!

    Great blog as always, Anna!