Monday, December 31, 2012

Color of the Week ~ Persimmon

The Persimmon is an edible fruit ranging in color from a light yellow-orange to a dark red-orange.

Image by Tomomarusan

Image by kudumomo

Image by outdoorPDK

Image by Boris Oblak

I've never eaten a Persimmon, nor anything made with Persimmon. But the beautiful color in this fake apple pie filling, using Persimmons and Quince, makes me want to give it a try.

Image by elkit

I can eat my fake apple pie at this bright, Persimmon-colored table.

Etsy Shop: The Bloom of Time

Before I sit down to eat, I must be sure to put my jewelry on. First a lovely Persimmon brooch.

Etsy Shop: southernprettys

A necklace, of course.

Image by ljctree

Mustn't forget earrings.

Etsy Shop: smallbluethings

I'm sure I won't need to use salt and pepper on my pie, but it would be fun to have these on the table anyway.

Etsy Shop: CreativeClayByAlice

I'll have to be careful not to use these Persimmons in the pie. They are only for dolls.

Etsy Shop: WonderMiniature

I'll make sure to turn on this Persimmon lamp so I don't pick the pretend Persimmons.

Etsy Shop: highdesertdreams

After eating, I might want to curl up with this beautiful Persimmon blanket. I don't mind sharing with little bear.

Etsy Shop: CustomBearHugs

I know Giraffe #178, with his Persimmon spots, won't mind sharing, either.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Country of the Week ~ Croatia

Along the Adriatic Sea coast, Croatia contains more than a thousand islands. One such island is Losinj.

Image by Darko Tepert Donatus

Suncana Uvala bay on the same island has such beautifully-colored water.

Image by Darko Tepert Donatus

Another gorgeous bay on the Island of Losinj is Javorna Bay. The water looks so warm and inviting I'm ready to jump in.

Image by Darko Tepert Donatus

More inviting water in Lucice bay near Milna, Brac, Croatia. I wonder if we can catch a ride on that boat.

Image by Bunker

Things look a little chillier at Goli Otok. I love the deep, blue-black color of the water.

Image by Roberta F.

Looks like things have warmed up a bit at Goli Otok.

Image by Roberta F.

If we get tired of water, we can visit Castle of Komiza on Vis Island.

Image by Roberto Fogliardi

As the sun begins to set, I think we should set sail for Supetar Harbor, on the Croatian Island of Bra─Ź.

Image by Andrewmp

Who else to take on our island hopping in Croatia but boot-wearing Giraffe #177.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Good-bye, Christmas 2012

Lights in the classroom.

Nutcrackers at a restaurant.

A chocolate snowflake.

A Christmas tissue box.

A student picture.

Christmas decorations in the neighborhood.

Decorations in the daytime and at night.

The miniature tree.

The mantel and stockings.

Santa in the powder room.

The Christmas Dinner.

The dessert.

The Christmas present, Giraffe #176.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who visit my blog. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope your day is filled with wonderful memories.

Wise Men Seek Him

Monday, December 24, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus!

One of my very favorite Christmas songs is "Here Comes Santa Claus" sung by Gene Autry.

YouTube ~ Here Comes Santa Claus

I love nesting dolls.

Image by smith

I'm not sure if this Santa is a nesting ball, but it's cute.

Image by moriza

Santa, relaxing before the big night.

Image by 4028mdk09

Ho Ho Ho, Santa.

Image by Son of Groucho

Time for Santa to bring the presents. Interesting way to get in the house, Santa.

Image by orphanjones

I wonder who the presents are for?

Image by mejane8

Image by Matt Ryall

Santa, this is no time to be playing!

Image by TerryJohnston

Shh. Do you hear someone, Santa?

Image by KristinNador

You did a good job, Santa. Sleep well.

Image by Tammra McCauley

Santa Giraffe #175 is ready for Christmas.

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